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Dr. Inkrott

Jason Inkrott
High School Principal

To Our Northmont Family,

On behalf of the Northmont High School staff and administration, I want to welcome you to the NHS website.

Northmont High School continues to build upon its tradition of excellence by providing a challenging academic experience for all students, creating a modern curriculum designed to meet students’ interests and needs, preparing students for life after graduation in a state of the art learning environment, educating students with a highly qualified and dedicated staff, and by encouraging student involvement in athletics, NJROTC, drama, music, and numerous clubs or activities.

Academically, Northmont High School has a lot to celebrate.  Over the past decade, our Academic Challenge Team has won seven state championships and two History Bowl national championships.  The DECA Marketing program continually has finalists at state and international competitions. Northmont High School’s advanced placement scores rank in the top 5% throughout the state and our four year graduation rate is rated as an 'A' by the state of Ohio.  

Northmont High School’s curriculum provides students with options that will prepare them for life after high school.  Seniors have the ability to earn credentials as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA), Carpentry, Welding, and Pre-Apprenticeships in Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Teaching. In addition, NHS offers an expansive selection of College Credit Plus classes and Advanced Placement classes taught by Northmont High School teachers.  Finally, we are continually changing our course offerings to meet the needs and interests of students.  Some of our newer courses include Aerospace Engineering, STEM Modeling and Simulation, STEM Video Game Development, American Ethnic and Minority Studies, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, Hope Squad, and AP Psychology.

The students and staff at Northmont High School are extremely appreciative of the community’s willingness to provide a state of the art facility that allows for unparalleled opportunities for student learning.  In every classroom, staff are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, an Apple TV, wireless microphones, and a document camera. Every student is provided an iPad to enhance their educational opportunities.  Our science labs provide flexibility and space for hands on learning. Our Learning Lab is a Future Ready Library that provides the flexible learning space students need to engage in Project Based Learning and to develop the 21st century skills necessary to be productive, responsible citizens. The Learning Lab is equipped with dry-erase markerboard top activity tables, 50 inch TV monitors, MacBooks, noise-canceling conference rooms, green screens, video production equipment, and VR headsets. 

The educators at Northmont High School are highly trained, care about students, and help students of all ability levels obtain more than a year’s worth of growth.  All teachers at NHS have received training in Project Based Learning.  Throughout the school year, the NHS teaching staff will provide students with opportunities to learn standards by examining real-world problems.  Our staff believes in working with students to attain the common goal of helping every child reach their potential.  The Aspirations team, comprised of students and teachers, strives to create an environment where all students are valued.  Finally, based on the most recent test scores released by the Ohio Department of Education, the Northmont High School staff received straight A’s in all four categories:  Overall, Gifted Students, Students in the Lowest 20% of Achievement, and Students with Disabilities.  This indicates that our students are demonstrating on state tests that they have “grown” more than students taking the same tests in other Ohio districts.  This is a tribute to our staff, students, and parents.     

Finally, Northmont High School has a very prestigious music department and drama club program, a nationally recognized NJROTC program, 26 high performing varsity athletic teams, and over 30 clubs for students to join.  The NHS staff and administration believe that student involvement in activities is critical for academic success.  To support this claim, 79% of our student athletes are scholar athletes.

Northmont High School parents, please help us provide the best possible education to your child by staying involved in your child’s education.  I ask that you participate in Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, and follow your child’s grades on ProgressBook (Contact Amy Schondelmeyer at 832-5065 if you need help).  If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate contacting your child’s guidance counselor or administrator (832-6000).  

Have a great school year!


Jason Inkrott, Ph.D.

Principal, Northmont High School


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