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Sheree Coffman, MS, MRC, MSEd.

Northmont High School

Student Assistance Counselor


Sheree Coffman was hired as the Student Assistance Counselor at Northmont City Schools in 2007.  She completed a dual masters in Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Counseling from Wright State Univeristy in 1993/94.  After being hired by Northmont to address the emotional needs of the students, Sheree returned to graduate school and earned a Masters of Education in School Counseling.

Sheree began her career working at Miami Valley Hospital as a Community Educator/Addictions Counselor with Born Free, a prenatal drug treatment program.  She then transitioned to Clinical Supervisor with the Preble County Recovery Center in Eaton, Ohio working in an Intensive Outpatient Program serving adolescents and their families.  This included working in the schools of Preble County doing Prevention work with students at risk of developing mental health and substance abuse issues. 

Sheree has also served as adjunct faculty at both Wright State University and Antioch University from 1994-2005 teaching classes about addiction and its effect in the classroom. 

She has been the Advisor of the NHS Students Against Destructive Decisions club since 2007, Served on the Staff Aspirations Team at NHS since 2011 & began leading the Student Team in 2011.  Sheree also serves on the Unity Day Committee and has since its inception in 2010.  She was a finalist for Educator of the Year in 2011 and 2012 and won the award in 2013.

Sheree lives in Beavercreek with her husband of 24 years, Scott, and 3 of their 5 children.  Sheree has a son and a daughter that are serving our country in the United States Air Force.


What is the purpose of a student assistance program?

To identify and help troubled students experiencing difficulties in school due to a variety of problems.  These can include:

worry or anxiety
substance abuse/addiction in the family
changes or crisis in the family
troubles with friends or family
feeling sad or lonely
victim of bullying or "mean kids"
relationship issues
grief and loss
adjustment issues
medical issue

All students are going to have some of the above at one point or another.  That's just life. But when it gets in the way of their ability to focus in the classroom, that's when they may need some support. 

I'm worried about my son/daughter.  What can I do?

The first step a parent or family member should take is to contact their student's School Counselor.  This is the best first step because if a teacher or another student has had concerns about your student, chances are the School Counselor knows about it and will have a more complete picture of what may be going on.  The counselor will sometimes refer the situation on to the Student Assistance Counselor, Sheree Coffman.

Where does the Student Assistance Program get referrals from?

School Counselors, Teachers, Administrators, Students, Parents, Grandparents, SRO (Student Resource Officer), Attendance Officer.

Most contacts come from students themselves reaching out for someone to talk to or from students encouraging their peers to talk about what is bothering them.

When the Student Assistance Program (Sheree Coffman) gets a referral, what happens next?

I offer individual or group sessions, depending on what is best for the student.  I may see them one time or 5 times... it just depends on what the student wants to do.  All sessions with me are voluntary unless it is a condition of our "Alternative to Expulsion Program".  

I can administer instruments to assess substance abuse, dependance, depression, anxiety, self concept, anger and disruptive behavior.  These are available upon request and are free of charge. 

I am not a replacement for a mental health or substance abuse counselor.  I can offer your student some supportive services here at school and can offer referrals in cases where I believe outside counseling is appropriate.

Can you offer any testing?

I can administer a SASSI which looks at drug and alcohol abuse.  I can also administer a Beck Inventory that looks at Self Concept, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, and Disruptive Behavior.  These are free of charge.  I can administer the test upon parent request and review the results in a conference.  These tools can be helpful to parents trying to decide if counseling with a professional is appropriate.  It can also provide "Talking Points" for parents who have trouble understanding what is going on with their teen.

I also recommend parents check out the "40 Developmental Assets" tab under "additional help" in the menu above.  Having your teen take the Asset Checklist Survey can show you the areas they have assets in place, and areas they need to grow.  This can easily be done at home.  I can also help with this process if needed.

Aren't you also the one who helps students who have violated the Drug and Alcohol Policy?

Yes.  please see the "Alternative to Expulsion Program" tab under "Student Assistance Program" for more information on my web site.


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