Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center

Please come in and visit us OFTEN! The Media Center is open every day from 7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. Students may check out up to three books at a time and keep them for up to three weeks. Overdue fines are 5 cents per day excluding the weekends, or 25 cents per day if the books are reference materials. If your child receives an overdue notice, the price of the book will be listed on the top right-hand corner. This is NOT what he/she owes--unless the book is lost. If a lost book, which has been paid by the student is turned in, the amount paid minus the fine will be returned to the student.

Media Center Services

Come and browse the media center where you will find new and old books, current and past magazines and newspapers, and visit our new computer lab to take care of all your research and word processing needs.

Book Return

When you receive an overdue notice, the total price of the book will be listed on the notice. This total price does not have to be paid if the book is turned in, ONLY if it is lost. The payment that will be due is the overdue fine (when the book is turned in) which is calculated at 5 cents per day, not counting weekends or any other days we are not in school.

Accelerated Reader

Our school library does not have all of the books contained on this list. Accelerated Reader books are indicated by a black dot on the books in our school library. You can visit the Montgomery County Library online catalog for book availability.

Accelerated Reader List