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Just a reminder,


We will have a supply drop-off tonight from 3:30-6:00. Teachers may or may not be here but you are able to come up and drop supplies. I will answer whatever questions I can.


I do want to give you some logistic updates. 


Most teachers will rotate and students will stay in classrooms for core classes. This will not be the case with 4th and 5th because of grouping and teachers that are teaching multiple grade levels. Those will have students rotating.


Students will be spaced as much as possible


We will do our best to have grade levels not cross paths


Grade levels will have assigned restroom breaks


Lunch periods will overlap for a few grades but there will be spacing 


At recess, homerooms will be in designated areas


Dismissal will be by grade as well, walkers at 3:35 and bus riders at 3:40.


Students will be able to enter the building at 8:50, please do not drop off any earlier as we do not have anyone out to supervise.


Students will be required to mask on the bus, and it is strongly recommended during the school day inside


If you are not sure of your bus yet you can call the bus garage at 832-5050


Grades 4-6 will need to pay an insurance fee on iPads. You can stop in anytime to do that tonight included, you can also pay school fees tonight. 


We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Joe Johnston

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