Principal's Message

Mr. Johnston

Joseph Johnston

Hello EE families,

This year will look more different than any other start of the year has. For the first quarter we will not be meeting face to face. When you think about what elementary school looks like, this isn't the image any of us gets. We think of assemblies, our teachers reading us books on the carpet, epic kickball games at recess, and field trips where we are more concerned with who gets to sit next to whom on the bus over what we are going to learn. 

Personally, I wasn't in teacher preparation courses two decades ago and told within 20 years there will be a period that students will not come to a brick and mortar school for their education. I wouldn't have signed up for that. 

This is our shared reality right now though, and you can change the setting, you can even change the tools that are used, but our values will never change. We are here to teach our kids, we are here to grow caring, well adjusted, educated adults that have a sense of community and empathy towards others, with a sense of curiosity in whatever they do; be it finding a better way to build a house, creating flower bouquets or finding the vectors needed to get to the next level of space travel. It all starts here, with caring teachers who are here to walk beside you and your child during his/her time here in elementary school. That is not changing whether we are face-to-face or talking through an iPad for a short time.

I hope the school year starts as smoothly as possible for everyone!


Joe Johnston


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