Principal's Message

Mr. Johnston

Joseph Johnston

Hello Families and Community!  


We are looking forward to a productive year and partnership with you. Our goals as educators are to work with parents and produce well adjusted, educated, competent adults. This is done by thinking bigger than yourself (volunteering, working for a cause), giving students a voice (student leadership, PBL projects), and promoting working on the soft skills that we all need (communication, creativity, time management, work ethic, to name a few). 

In addition to this we are preparing our kids for a future in which we have no idea what it will look like. We do know that our kids need to adept using technology for solving problems, which is why we are a 1:1 school. We also know that we need our kids to be digitally literate and be able to evaluate sources to form their own objective opinions.

Our biggest goal is to be able to connect with our kids, and be another caring adult, and help model what that looks like. We are a team. If you have any feedback on any of this or anything else, please contact me ( or your child’s classroom teacher. Let’s continue to keep the end in mind and remember our shared goal of student success! 


 Sincerely,  Joe Johnston




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