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May 2, 2023 Levy – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Northmont’s levy on the May ballot?
The levy on the May 2, 2023 ballot for Northmont City Schools is an emergency operating levy to generate $5,800,000 in annual revenue for a period of 10 years.

What does “emergency levy” mean?
The term emergency levy is stipulated by state law. An emergency levy generates a specified (fixed) amount of annual funding every year – no more and no less.

Why are the schools asking for this levy?
Our expenditures are currently (FY22) exceeding revenues – and the school district is using reserve funds for day-to-day operations. State funding for Northmont is projected to remain flat (no increase) in the next state budget, and the cost of doing business increases as inflation causes expenditures to rise at a rate that outpaces revenues. Without additional revenue, our schools will be in the red by more than $14.5 million by 2026. The funds generated from the emergency levy will allow the District to maintain our schools’ day-to-day operating costs and educational opportunities.

But aren’t expenses down with the decline in enrollment?
Costs for personnel, insurance, purchased services, diesel gas, and supplies continue to increase even with the reduction in overall enrollment.

What about the COVID Relief funds?
While COVID funds have offset some of our expenses, those funds will soon be exhausted – and the general fund will have to reabsorb those costs. Moreover, there were COVID funds that had a limited scope in terms of how, when, and/or for what they could be used. For example, we received funds for bus Wi-Fi, special needs, preschool, and learning recovery programs.

What has the school district done to reduce costs?
We have cut building budgets by a half million dollars and eliminated an administrative position. Northmont City Schools will continue to look for ways to remain responsible and efficient to stretch our operating dollars as long as possible.

When did Northmont Schools last ask voters for an additional operating levy?
Northmont City Schools has not asked voters for a new operating levy since 2016.

How much will this levy cost me?
If approved by voters, the cost of this levy would be $274/annually, less than $23/month, per $100,000 of home value, as appraised by the County Auditor – not Zillow.

What happens if this levy does not pass?
Without this operating levy, the School Board and Administration will be developing a list of necessary cuts to be implemented that will include educational programs, staffing, learning technology, transportation, and more.

When is the election?
Election Day is Tuesday, May 2, 2023. Early voting begins on April 4.  

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