Northmont Schools Recognized As Schools of Excellence in Prevention

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All of the Northmont schools have received recognition and incentive dollars in Montgomery County ESC and Montgomery County ADAMHS's Schools of Excellence in Prevention Program.  This means that throughout the school year, the school has made significant efforts to plan for and implement prevention programs and strategies to support student mental wellness.

Shout outs to the counselors and principals in each building for working hard to obtain this status!

Kleptz Early Learning Center--Silver Level $1500 Award

Englewood Elementary--Bronze Level $1000 Award

Englewood Hills Elementary--Gold Level $2000 Award

Northmoor Elementary--Bronze Level $1000 Award

Northwood Elementary--Bronze Level $1000 Award

Union Elementary--Bronze Level $1000 Award

Northmont Middle School--Gold Level $2000 Award

Northmont High School--Platinum Level $3000 Award

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